Are you in Need of International Driving’s Permit?

An IDP is essential for drivers to drive or rent a car in several foreign countries. International Driving Permit is basically the United Nations Regulated Travel Document for your safety and ease of travel. With our help, you can have IDP in less than 2 hours.


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British Driving Overseas after Brexit – Are You Ready ?

The British are still allowed to drive in EU countries but rules are changing every day and more and more EU states are requesting IDP, there is another type of IDL and IDP for the British who want to drive in other countries. and with us you will receive Both as British you will need vehicle insurance that is enough to drive in the EU and other European countries, and as part of the new agreement no green card is necessary to carry with you.

Is the UK Driving License Valid In Europe After Brexit?

The answer is changing from one state to another, the British license is considered as an International Driving License in EU countries, and IDP may be needed to take with you, in case any requirement change and you decide to stay there for a long time, you have to keep IDL and IDP to show to get the local government license easily.

UK Driving license Is Valid In EU?

Yes the UK photo card driving license of UK is still a valid id to drive in the EU countries, but there is a situation that is uncertain for the people, who have to travel in EU and UK frequently, simple a person can’t hold two driving licenses at the same time, so it depends upon the situation, while you keep UK or EU license, and there is no need to have different driving licenses as there is a facility to drive all over Europe having one license.

Car Insurance Required In Europe?

The UK motor insurance provides a third party cover for driving in most of the European countries, UK has participated in green card free zone as a third country since August 2021, it gives the motorist a facility not to have green card insurance with them, so any third party insurance is acceptable.

Displaying the UK sticker?

Vehicle mark is a recognition for all countries for internationally driving, since 28 September 2021, the UK motorists need UK sticker as driving mark instead of the GB sticker. It shows that they are registered in the UK while having different number plates and a union flag. The UK sticker must be shown in some EU countries rather than what is shown on the number plates.

Rules For Professional Drivers?

If a professional bus or long vehicle driver is about to drive in the EU, must carry a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) card, while others don’t need to carry the green cards. The drivers, who are working for UK companies are allowed to drive overseas while having CPC cards.

Can EU License Holders Drive in the UK?

The same is the case here, when UK drivers are permitted to drive in EU countries, the EU drivers can also drive in the UK, whenever they visit. But they must contain the insurance of their base country’s green card insurance from a third party, and a Car Rental Overseas service provider. There is another facility to change your EU driving license at the age of 70 or three years after if a driver becomes a permanent resident of the UK.

License and Driving Permits

To drive abroad after Brexit, you need your photo card license while driving in Europe, so there is a piece of good news for the British that they don’t need an International Driving Permit to drive in Europe for a short time stay. An IDP is a multi-language translation for your driving license as most European countries have languages other than English. The UK government secured an agreement to consider the UK driving license as valid proof of driving after they exit the European Union. Though a UK photo card license is valid to drive, as a safe side you must bring your IDP with you in case of any necessity and avoid time wastage.

Driving Document For Europe

While going abroad and planning to drive there, you must keep all your necessary documents with you otherwise it could land you in trouble. After Brexit, you must carry your vehicle logbook, insurance certificate, and all other driving and car-related credentials. You must place a UK sticker at the rare of your vehicle if the number plate has the following symbols;

• Has Euro symbol mark

• National England, Scotland, and Wales flag

• Has numbers and letters only on the number plate

If you have a Union Flag or GB identifier at your number plat, then most of the countries don’t ask for the UK sticker, but it is recommended to have a UK sticker, no matter, what is mentioned on the number plate.

Insurance and Green Cards

Vehicle insurance is compulsory, whether you drive in the EU after Brexit, it is an essential part of your driving or simply it is an illegal act to drive without insurance. In planning to drive in Europe you must get green card insurance as proof of motor insurance cover while driving abroad, you must keep a copy of the original document.

You need to contact with insurance provider six weeks earlier before you go foreign, it is safer to keep documents in hand, the insurance certificate, and the green card with you as you may be asked for that any time. You can ask for the Car Rental Overseas services if your insurance is close to the expiry date or to contact your insurance vendor.

You need multiple green cards if you are towing a trailer or a caravan with your vehicle, and you may be asked for the insurance card in case of an accident.


A lot of entanglements were faced by the UK after the Brexit but to keep the life circle running, some policies make it easy for the people who want to drive in other European countries. After Brexit, the UK driving License permits, and insurance cards are valid and widely acceptable document to drive after following that country’s rules. You also need to take compulsory documents with you all the time, when you are overseas to stay away from any discrepancy from the law enforcement authorities.